Did soldiers really shoot at unarmed protesters?


After Tuesday’s incident, there have been accusations that soldiers of the Nigerian army opened fire at peaceful and unarmed #EndSars protesters. The Army has come out to debunk these accusations, labeling them fake news.

Did soldiers really shoot at unarmed protesters?


There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Camera phone footage from protesters shows the shooters dressed as the Nigerian Army, carrying standard Nigerian army weapons, and riding in Nigerian Army Vehicles. Video evidence was corroborated by shanty dwellers living in the seaside towns beside the Lekki toll gate. The Lagos State Governor acknowledged that soldiers were at the Lekki Toll. Even casual use of military camouflage is treated with swift retribution by military personnel, so it is near impossible for a protester to have worn camouflage to a citizen protest. The military has also admitted that it indeed did send a small party of soldiers to the Lekki Toll on the night in question, even though it refuses to specify in what capacity.


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